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Benefits of a solid roof;

  • Hold the heat in
  • Reduce your heating costs and your carbon footprint
  • Reduce the noise levels
  • The rain will not disturb you anymore
  • Increase the value of your property
  • Simple conversion and minimal disruption
  • A great range of tile styles and colours to suit your home.


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Jean Montgomery recently had a conservatory extension built and chose a solid roof, you can watch the video above or read on and see what she had to say about the service provided:

Phil: What made you want to look at or change this area of the house?Jean: We decided to do the extension because there was a dead space behind the house. where it didnt really get get any sunshine, it was actually quite overlooked at the back, but it isn’t now.Phil: What options did you consider?

Jean: We considered a glass roof and a garden room and we decided that in view of the position of the extension that a solid roof would be better.

Phil: What do you think is the best thing about the roof that you’ve chosen?

Jean: It’s very well insulated, this room is really warm, we did have a fire put in but we find we have it on for ten minutes then we have to turn it off. It gives us privacy, we are quite insulated from behind and above, we love it, and it looks out over the garden.

Phil: Do you tend to use this room quite a lot, as apposed to other rooms in the house?

Jean: We use this room all the time now, it’s like our little penthouse flat. We use it all the time, the main lounge we don’t use in the evening, in fact we call it our cinema lounge now.

Phil: When you were looking for somebody to put this type of roof in how did you find Conwy Valley and why did you choose them?

Jean: I always get a few quotes for any jobs I get in, I must admit I do go with my gut instincts, if I think that they’re right then they’re right, they weren’t the cheapest, they weren’t the most expensive, they were very efficient.Phil: Can you tell us a little bit about how the installation went with Conwy Valley?

Jean: Well, it was absolutely brilliant, the lads were very clean, they came when they said they were going to come, the work took as long as they said it was going to take, so much so that we extended, we had jobs done afterwards that we are very happy with, it was perfect.

Phil: Who was your main contact there?Jean: Vaughan we spoke to, who is excellent, then Peter, Peter’s lovely, he’s just like my Dad, he’s not as old as my dad but he’s just like him.Phil: You didn’t have a conservatory before, did you notice, like on a standard conservatory it’s quite noisy when when it’s raining?

Jean: Yes it is noisy with a standard conservatory, we’ve had a standard conservatory at our other house, very noisy and cold, hot in the summer and cold in the winter, but here it’s not noisy at all.

Phil: Like another part of the house?

Jean: Yes exactly, if anything in the summer we don’t have the heating on, in here it is warmer than the rest of the house, it is bizarre because it’s quite big, but it’s warmer than the rest of the house.

Phil: You can see that it is well finished in the background there, did Conwy Valley do all that too?

Jean: Yes

Phil: They carried out the work from start to finish?

Jean: Yes start to finish, we didn’t have any problems, if I changed my mind with something, which did happen occasionally, you know what us women are like, I did change my mind, they were very patient with me, and they did everything I asked them to do.

Phil: Would you recommend them to other people?

Jean: I have recommended them, I recommended them to a lot of people who’ve had jobs done with Conwy Valley.