For many people, having your own conservatory can be a dream come true. You’ve worked hard, you’ve picked the perfect design, and now you have the opportunity to sit back and enjoy it. However, even the most beautiful conservatory can need updated every so often. The reality is that a conservatory can become one of the most over-used rooms in the house. The furniture can endure wear and tear, and the decor can been tired and drab as time goes on. That’s where we come in. In addition to supplying conservatories and orangeries, we are also passionate about interior design. There’s no point in having a beautiful conservatory only to decorate it in a boring or impractical way.

Woman reading in conservatory

To give your conservatory a revamp, we have found eight fantastic ideas to give your special room a new lease of life. Whether you need a complete refurbishment, or a few new finishing touches, we are here to give a helping hand.

We know that there are lots of weird and wacky designs out there (remember inflatable furniture?) but we promise that there’s nothing out of the ordinary here. Many of these additions can be completed within budget and can be executed as much or as little as you like. The choice, as always, is entirely up to you.

Here are the eight must-have interior designs to refurbish your conservatory space.

flower power

1. Flower power

Before you shudder at the thought of 1970’s pink and orange flower wallpaper, contemporary floral trends couldn’t be more different. Instead, think of cool metallic hues and a less-is-more approach to floral design. The key to getting this trend right is using different kinds of floral motifs and contrasting them together. The great thing about this design is that you can update your conservatory as much or as little as you like. You can add new floral cushion covers to your room, or even go for a bold new wall-paper.

If you are worried about your conservatory being overly girly, then you can embrace plenty of cool metallic colours to juxtapose the florals. Colours like grey and blue are huge for Spring/Summer 2014. Additionally, you can always tone-down the floral theme by being selective. Retro-inspired accessories, like vintage floral prints, can have a wonderful impact on the overall look a room. If you want to stay on trend, then you can also collect soft furnishings (like throws) and contrast them with the cold metallic colour scheme.

While florals can be a beautiful to any home, it’s important to keep your conservatory practical. For those of you with young children, for example, you might want to stay away from silk cushion covers and cream hues. Pick a design which suits you and your conservatory best.


2. Practice your French

We don’t know what it is, but the French are always getting the credit for creating chic and timeless interior designs. If you want to perfect the ‘French’ look, for instance, then stick to minimal decoration and white-washed natural wood. Everyone knows this trend; think chateau retreat meets beach house chic. Here is a great example:

When many people think of French interior design, they often imagine the intricate and ornate styles of Art Nouveau. While we love this style (who doesn’t?), this French look is somewhat different. You can still see inspiration from Art Nouveau, especially with the curved furniture shapes, but this look is more basic. To keep things from looking overly fussy, banish clutter and create a tranquil space for you and your family to enjoy. In terms of colour scheme, natural tones really do work best. If you are brave enough to opt for white-washed wood, then by all means get stuck in. It will achieve a remarkably fresh and summery look throughout your conservatory. If, however, you are feeling less adventurous, then organic green tones are your new best friend.


3. Green envy

Most often, conservatories don’t need to a complete interior overhaul to freshen things up. This can be an expensive and time-consuming endeavour. Instead, one of the easiest and most economically-friendly ways to update your conservatory is by introducing some greenery. Everyone knows how much a beautiful bouquet of flowers make a room seem instantly brighter and cheerier. However, potted plants and indoor shrubs last for much longer and achieve the same effect.

You don’t have to go mad with this look to make a real difference. The great thing about this trend is that it brings the outdoors straight into your home. Not only do extra plants look wonderful, they make a room seem more relaxing. If you have an orangery, furthermore, then it makes sense to introduce as much greenery as possible.

We understand that not everyone has space for large shrubs and indoor fruit trees (let’s not get too carried away). Instead, it’s possible to embrace this trend by choosing your plants wisely. Bonsai plants, for instance, require very little maintenance and can instantly make a conservatory seem more contemporary.

cuddle up

4. Cuddle up

If you like the idea of updating your accessories, rather than your entire conservatory, then cushions are a perfect way to start. Depending on the function of your room, many people use their conservatory as comfortable sanctuary to escape the everyday hustle and bustle of modern living. If so, then this is a perfect excuse to get creative and throw some new pillows into the mix.

Like many of the looks in this blog, it’s important to keep your conservatory unique to you. That’s why cushions are a good excuse to update your room; you can be eclectic and even create your own covers. This gives any space a beautiful personal touch.

Some conservatories are a perfect excuse to cuddle up and get cosy. If you want to breath some new life into your extension, then it might be a good idea to add a daybed (above). They serve a double function; they can either act as a traditional sofa or they can even be a wonderful excuse to curl up and have a nap on a Sunday afternoon. Whatever you choose, daybeds can be an inexpensive and beautiful addition to your conservatory space.

go bold

5. Go Bold

If you love the idea of creating a conservatory space which stands out, then you have to introduce some bold prints into your room. One of the key trends for S/S 2014 is bright and colourful wallpaper designs that give your interiors a much-needed pop. You really can get creative with this look; embracing it either on the walls of your conservatory or in smaller doses with household accessories. Here are some looks to inspire you.

We personally love bold and exciting wallpaper designs. They give home owners the fantastic opportunity to showcase their creative side and make a feature of their conservatory. If you want to stay fashionable, then experiment with royal and turquoise blues. These really are the key colours for this season and you’ll see them everywhere now that you know.

If you are worried about your conservatory seeming a bit OTT, then you can choose bold accessories instead. Exciting patterns on throws, rugs, and pillow covers can instantly brighten up a room. Don’t be afraid – use this as an excuse to try something new!

Be eclectic

6. Be eclectic

One of the easiest ways to update a conservatory is through ornaments, sculptures, and beautiful framed prints. These days ‘eclectic’ is a buzzword in interior design. If you love these types of objects in your home, then you might want to embrace the vintage-look which has been taking the nation by storm. Everything about this trend celebrates the individual. Take inspiration from everything that’s kitsch, retro, and vintage-inspired.

’Retro’ really is a broad term which encompasses a variety of genres and interior designs. If you like bijou fabrics or pop art prints, then this trend will be able to accommodate you regardless. The most important thing is to create a space which is both beautiful and practical. If you are an older couple, for example, you will be able to maintain an ornately decorated conservatory easier than a young family. It’s all about choosing a design which suits you and your lifestyle.

If you want to be financially-savvy, then it makes sense to collect vintage and retro-inspired objects over a period of time. This way, your conservatory will be truly eclectic and a reflection of your personality.

Embrace the Blues

7. Embrace the Blues

We’ve already seen how popular blues tones are this year. However, its such a key trend that we couldn’t resist giving it its own section. Here are some of the most attractive and accessible uses of blue that we could find:

At Conwy Valley, we love versatility and flexibility. With the blue trend, you are free to experiment as much or as little as you like. It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to paint all of your walls blue. You can use some well-chosen accessories to brighten up your room. Furthermore, you can experiment with various shades of blue and interchange your style.

While blue hues can be made contemporary (above right), it also has a fantastic timeless quality. Even though blue is on trend this summer, it’s a colour scheme which will carry you into the winter. Most of us don’t want to change your conservatory decoration with the advent of every new season.

Light wood

8. Go au-naturale

Finally, one of the best ways to update your conservatory is through light-wooden furniture and natural colour schemes. Light-toned wood is one of the most popular interior fashion trends of this season. The benefit of this style is that it suits the majority of conservatories. Light-toned wood is soft, calm, and will make your extension seem more bright and airy. Often, dark wood can make a living space seem smaller.

You don’t need to buy brand new furniture to embrace this trend. There are hundreds of second-hand furniture markets throughout the UK. This way, you might be able to find something unusual. However, if you would prefer something more reliable, then you can buy new furniture and treat it yourself. In doing so, you’ll be able to achieve the perfect light-tone wooden effect.

If you have the budget to spare, then light wooden floors really are a beautiful addition to a conservatory or orangery. They make your rooms like much more spacious and make the most of reflecting the light. Regardless of the size of your conservatory, it can never look too bright and airy.

Conwy Valley Windows & Conservatories

Every home is different but we all have something in common. Whether its wear and tear, or the product of heavy use, every house needs updating every so often. You have the option of a complete refurbishment – an exciting but often time consuming and expensive process. Alternatively, you can make small and consistent changes to your home to bring everything bang up to date.

In terms of conservatories, you really are free to experiment and try new things. At Conwy Valley, we are passionate about designing and installing conservatories which improve the lives of our customers. We sell a variety of designs, from Victorian to Edwardian conservatories, which can suit a wide variety of individuals. We take pride in being able to offer an excellent level of customer service, while maintaining quality and value throughout our product ranges.

We hope that this blog has given you some inspiring ideas about how to update your conservatory. We might provide the framework, but it’s up to you to make your conservatory a vital component of your home.