We stock some of the highest quality roofing products on the market, at Conwy Valley Windows, in Llandudno, we understand that the roofline of a property is made up of many different parts – that is why we guarantee to have all the items you will need to ensure your roof is constructed of the highest possible quality – ensuring that it will last for decades.

We have a wealth of different styles available across all of our range of roofing products, we stock high quality roofline fascias, bargeboards, soffits, downpipes and guttering – you can be sure that with our 100 years of combined experience, the Conwy Valley Windows can not only help you choose the right product, but our team can guide you comprehensively through installation and even provide aftercare.


Roofline Fascias

Fascias are the bands or friezes which run horizontally along the side of a building, they run vertically under the roof edge and form the outer surface of a cornice. We have worked hard to ensure that we can offer a selection of the highest quality fascias on the market – they are an integral part of your roofline, the strip of the fascia is visible from the outside of any property so it needs to look good, they are a very important part of any building.

We can match your fascias to any other of the products that we provide, including our range of windows and doors – installing our fascia boards at your home will bring a number of distinct advantages, which include:

Improved external appearance

Our fascia boards come in a variety different styles and materials, this means we can match them to your home’s existing colour scheme and features. We advise that you use our top quality plastic fascias to complement your properties existing character, our fascias are very easy to maintain whilst being strong, durable and reliable.

Weather proofing

Fascias are an integral part of your roof structure, by sealing the underside of your roof you will ensure that you are preventing moisture from getting inside your home – moisture can pose a variety of different problems including mildew and mould. As these issues can be very expensive to repair it is important to look at prevention beforehand – our fascias are a great way to protect your home from any weather related issues.

Roofline Cladding

Roofline Cladding

Our superior quality PVCu cladding provides a number of benefits for your property:


The main purpose of the internal structure of your home is protection from the weather and the different elements it can bring – it is vital to control the rainwater which runs off your roof, preventing water damage which can build up and become extremely costly to repair. At Conwy Valley Windows we provide cladding of great quality – we guarantee that is will last a long time and will be of an excellent standard.


The main purpose of the internal structure of your home is protection from the weather and the different elements it can bring – it is vital to control the rainwater which runs off your roof, preventing water damage which can build up and become extremely costly to repair. At Conwy Valley Windows we provide cladding of great quality – we guarantee that is will last a long time and will be of an excellent standard.

Improved aesthetics

High quality roof cladding can really improve the outside appearance of your property – we sell a range of styles which make any roof look much better, all of your products are strong and durable whilst also being sunlight resistant – not only will they look good but they will last a long time.

Roofline Bargeboards

Roofline Bargeboards

Our roofline bargeboards are of the highest quality, they are virtually maintenance free and are the ideal replacement for any old softwood timber bargeboards – we have them available in a variety of different styles and colours, this means you will be able to find the variety to suit your needs and which also matches the existing character of your home.

Our PVCu bargeboards protect your roof from the elements and are great at keeping your roof safe against the wind, rain, snow or even the sun during the summer – they also help keep your roof lining consisting which no visible holes or gaps – they will really improve the aesthetic of your home whilst being functional and are a must have product for your property.

Roofline Soffits

Roofline Soffits

Soffits are the underside of any roofline structure, Soffits are a flexible product and they vary in size and design, depending on the property and its existing roofline. As with all our other roofline products, our roofline soffits offer great quality and durability – they are essential to maintaining the integral structure of your home or business property.

At Conwy Valley Windows our soffits are guaranteed to bring a number of great advantages to your home:

Increased structural integrity and resistant to damage

Our high quality plastic PVCu soffits are great for ensuring that your roofline is of the highest possible standard, our soffits are very easy to clean and maintain whilst being strong, durable and stylish. You will be able to rely on our soffits for many years as they are manufactured with reliability very much in mind – soffits are important for preventing water and damp getting into the internal structure of your roofing – problems caused by water can be very costly to fix so prevention through high quality soffits is very important.

Our range of soffts will make sure that your roof is properly protected, our team of experienced roofing installers can answer any questions you may have, and will run through installation and any aftercare that you may require.

Improved appearance

We have such an extensive range of styles to suit your home, we will be able to install a PVCu soffit which really compliments the existing character of your family home whilst also drastically improving its aesthetics – we always have a large amounts of stock so we can quickly demonstrate and recommend those which fit the colour scheme of your home.

Increased property desirability

Soffits are a vital yet simple improvement which can really improve the appearance of your home – our soffits will really make your house look much better and go some way to impressing any visitors or potential buyers should you be looking to sell up.

The Conwy Valley Windows range of soffits and really make your house stand out amongst the rest – every little helps in the current competitive housing market!

Roofline Downpipes

Roofline Downpipes

A downpipe channels rainwater off a rooftop and ensures that it flows efficiently into the drainage systems, at Conwy Valley Window we offer a great range of high quality guttering – you are guaranteed to find the right downpipes to match the existing characteristics of your home.

We have supplied and installed our durable downpipes for many satisfied customers, they are a vital part in protecting your home about water damage whilst providing a stylish and durable alternative to older installations. They are an important part of your roofline, without an effective drainage system water will penetrate your roof and can cause damage to the structure and foundations of your homes.

When coupled with gutters – downpipes can effectively drain lots of rainwater away from where it is not wanted. Our roofline downpipes are available in a range of colours and designs to match the existing character of your home or any other Conwy Valley products that you have installed.

Roofline Guttering

Roofline Guttering

We have over a quarter of a century of experience in fitting house cladding to homes – we stock an amazingly wide range of different styles, to suit any different budget or requirements. We are proud of our customer service record – we will walk and talk you through all aspects of you build and ensure you are fitted with a product which is functional and meets your needs. Our team will take care of all aspects of the build, all the way from the initial design through to installation and aftercare.

Do you need a new roof?

We understand that is can be hard to find the time to really inspect the roof of your home, between travelling to and from work and taking the kids to school it can be a task which not only gets shunted to the back of the ‘to do list’ but can get forgotten altogether.

By inspecting your roof regularly and keeping on top of any issues which need fixing, you can really prevent any repairs down further down the line. You should visually inspect your roof regularly and check for any cracks, tears or broken tiles.

It is important to check for moisture, rot or mould and be aware of the subsequent issues which can develop – mould develops very quickly so should be treated immediately after it is discovered. Dampness and mould can really affect the structure and foundation of your property – you should take action quickly and if you decide that you need any new roofing products, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at Conwy Valley Windows.

By maintaining your roof properly you can be safe in the knowledge that you will be less susceptible to any issues in the future – and avoiding any costly treatments. Installing high quality cladding, fascias, guttering and soffits can make a huge difference to your home.

As a homeowner it is important to take a great interest in your roof structure, it is a significant part of your house – even one broken tile could lead to thousands of pounds worth of damage, always look up to your roof – try and check it every single month!

By installing high quality and durable roofing products, you can protect your home or business for decades to come, water leaks can pose many big problems and with the unpredictable British weather it is important to look after your roof to keep you and your family safe.

Top roof maintenance tips:

  • Visually inspect the roof for any cracked tiles
  • Scan the roof for any loose materials
  • Look out for any large collections of shingle as this is a sign of advanced wear
  • Check for moisture, rot and mould – if you find any you should act immediately
  • Examine the drainage and make sure that gutters and downpipes are securely attached – make sure water can flow down properly.

We offer high quality yet simple solutions to your roofing problems, take a look at our website and see which products you may require – if you can’t find any problems with your roofing or cannot get a good view of your roof to properly inspect it, our team can take a look for you and advise you on any courses of action.

We all want a ‘roof over our heads’, it is one of life’s essentials – make sure it is a roof which is durable, practical and will last a long time. By installing one of our quality roofing products – you will have peace of mind that your property will be well protected against the elements!

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