It’s one of those questions that many people ask themselves but never find out the answer.

The good news is, the answer is very simple.

Conservatories generally act as a complete extension of the house, sharing the same or similar design features.

Orangeries are generally classed as the next step up from a conservatory and often have an extra touch of elegance. It is different to the interior of the house, traditionally involving lots of brickwork and large windows within the construction as well as a glass roof to add that touch of class.

To summarise, Conservatories use minimal brickwork and are more about viewing the garden from a room that feels like a part the house, whereas Orangeries have more brickwork and are larger – considered by some as private spaces with an emphasis on luxury.

If you are thinking of adding an Orangery to your home in 2016, then now is the time to start looking.

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