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Garage Doors

Here at Conwy Valley Windows, in Llandudno, we have a phenomenal range of garage doors – spanning a variety of types, designs and colours, all of which you can choose from. Our aim is to provide our customers with garage doors which not only complement the rest of their home, but last for a great many years and serve their purpose properly.

The garage door is a part of the home which is often disregarded or not thought about at all, but a nice garage door can really complement your home and make it stand out from the rest of the homes on your street.

Most people choose garage doors which are in-keeping with the style and the colour scheme of the rest of their home (such as the window frames, fascias and soffits), but this is not necessarily the way you have to go about it. Most people do choose to match their garage door’s style and colour to the rest of the home, but it is entirely up to you at the end of the day. Here at Conwy Valley Windows we are totally committed to providing our customers with exactly what they want – we will advise you and offer advice based on our own expertise, but ultimately your garage door is your decision.

Timber Garage Doors

Timber garage doors

The gorgeous bespoke timber garage doors we can provide you with are the perfect embodiment of everything we stand for here at Conwy Valley Windows. Just by looking at them you can tell just how much work has gone into them, and you will be able to appreciate the level of craftsmanship we have within our organisation. Timber garage doors are great for those who are looking for a more traditional look, as they look really ornate and authentic. They would fantastically complement your set of timber windows and doors if you have them, but even if you don’t have timber windows and doors, a timber garage door will still look great on your home.

The timber garage door is one which will never go out of style, because it has such a classic look and feel to it. As you’ll of course need to be able to open your garage door, we can offer you a few different handle designs and finishes, so that whatever your taste we can add some lovely detail to it. The stylish brass, chrome and white handles we can fit onto your garage door will ensure that it looks complete and well-designed.

GRP Garage Doors

GRP garage doors

GRP stands for ‘glass reinforced plastic’, and is one of the ideal materials for garage doors. More commonly referred to as ‘fibreglass’, GRP is lightweight and durable, making it perfect for the purpose of garage doors because it means they are easy to open and will stand up to adverse weather. There is also virtually no maintenance hassle involved with GRP garage doors either – you can simply wipe it clean with a cloth! This is a great option for those who don’t have to worry about cleaning and treating timber garage doors which, though ornate and striking aesthetically, are not suited to every home owner. For this reason, a GRP garage door would be a good choice for anyone who would like one which looks great but requires minimal upkeep.

We have a great range of panel designs which we can offer you in many colours. Every garage door we produce is specific to the customer at hand, because we believe that our bespoke service is one of the things which makes us such a great company and sets us apart from our competitors.

Not only do we offer some striking colours in our GRP garage doors, but a variety of breathtaking finishes too. For those of you who would like your garage door to look like wood, we can create an extremely convincing wood finish. We can also incorporate window styles into the design of your garage door, so just let us know and we’ll see what we can do! Windows can be great for your garage door if you spend a lot of time in your garage, as they will let in a great deal more light than you might think.

However you want your garage door to look, you can achieve it with one of our GRP designs. Because it is such a versatile material, you can create whichever aesthetic you want – whether you want to convincingly mimic a traditional wooden garage door, or simply want to have a clean and modern-looking one.

Steel Garage Doors

Steel garage doors

Another extremely popular material for garage doors is steel, because it is so resilient. Here at Conwy Valley Windows our steel garage doors are guaranteed for ten years, because we are so confident in them being able to both perform their function and look great for at least a decade.

We can implement a wood finish into your steel garage door if you wish, because we realise how popular this is amongst many homeowners – it allows for a traditional and timeless look, whilst minimising the maintenance requirements. You will be able to simply wipe your steel garage door down to clean it, and won’t have to worry about it apart from that.

You can of course pick from a number of colours, and we are happy to provide you with any you choose – customer satisfaction is our main objective and always has been; we believe that the only way to build a solid reputation and become a trusted company is by offering a great deal of choice and delivering superb products.

The different garage door mechanisms

Retractable doors

The door swings outwards (from the bottom of course) when it opens, before sliding up and tucking itself into the ceiling of your garage, with which it becomes parallel. As the lifting arms are positioned rather high, this means that you’ll have enough clearance to fit your car in the garage without having to worry too much about banging your wing mirrors on the sides. Retractable doors are one of the most popular forms of garage doors because their mechanism is extremely clever and practical, and suits pretty much every home owner’s needs.

Canopy doors

Similarly to the way the retractable door mechanism works, the canopy door also swings outwards from the bottom, but doesn’t use quite as much space. When the canopy door becomes parallel to the garage roof, around a third of it protrudes on the outside of the garage which means that it takes less space up inside. As you would imagine, these are perhaps the better option out of the two for homeowners who have limited space in their garage.

(The two abovementioned door types are often referred to as ‘up and over’ doors, and are perhaps the two most common because of their practicality and the aesthetic possibilities. Retractable and canopy doors of course come most commonly in a cube or cuboid shape, and our designs can make your truly stand out from the rest.)

Sectional doors

Another great space-saving system is the sectional door set-up. This type of garage door is divided into a series of horizontal panels, and as you lift the whole garage door each panel goes up one by one. This mechanism means that a car can be parked right up against the garage door whilst another one sits inside, as unlike the two ‘up and over’ style doors mentioned above, they do not swing outwards. This is great for families which have only limited space on their driveway, as it means that the second car can be parked as far up the driveway as possible. Another fantastic advantage to this type of door is that there is no door frame needed, meaning that the width of your garage’s entrance is as wide as it can possibly be.

Roller doors

The way the roller door works is very similar to the way a singular window blind works – it rolls up on a spindle when it is raised. A roller garage door is fitted on the inside of your garage door as opposed to the outside, ensuring that from the outside your garage looks very neat. These are an extremely popular form of garage door, because the mechanism is so easy to use and convenient in regards to space-saving.

Side hinged doors

Garage doors don’t come much traditional-looking than the side hinged set-up. Acting like a pair of double doors, the side hinged doors simply open outwards. These are fantastically classic in their appearance, but are probably better suited to those who have more space on their driveway to work with, as they are perhaps the least space-saving form of garage doors available. That said, they are also one of the best looking, so they are definitely something to consider if you have the space.

Our commitment to great service and stunning results

Here at Conwy Valley Windows we pride ourselves on our unbeatable customer service. From the moment you get in touch with us – whether that’s by phone or by email – we give you our full attention and listen to your needs. We believe that we can carry out any job for any customer, and no matter what the size of the job we will always put the same great deal of effort into it.

Our highly skilled team has over a hundred years of experience between them, meaning that you can trust us to execute each and every job with precision at an impressive pace.

Garage doors are of course just one of the many aspects of home improvement we specialise in, but we have made sure that we have become experts in this field. Garage doors are often put at the bottom of some homeowners’ lists of priorities, but we believe that because it is such a large and noticeable part of the household as a whole, it is worth investing in. Here at Conwy Valley Windows we put a great deal of thought into our garage doors and customise the design of each one to the specific tastes and wants of the customer.

Our range of timber garage doors are the ideal choice for anyone looking to put a traditional stamp on their home – or indeed further enhance the existing traditional look of their home. Only the finest quality timber is used, because we firmly believe that the materials which go into a product dictate to a large extent its quality. A Conwy Valley Windows timber garage door has an unmistakable look and feel, because it is of a remarkably high quality. A timber garage door is also something which is a bit less common these days, because many people are going for the cheaper materials – which work just as well, but for some they do not have the same ornate look.

Our GRP garage doors are ideal for anyone who just wants a garage door that they can forget about (in regards to maintenance), safe in the knowledge that it is performing its function and protecting the contents of your garage. The variety of finishes we can offer means that you can give your GRP garage a traditional look for less money – we feel it is important that we offer a range of garage doors to suit all budgets, whilst never compromising on quality or aesthetics.

Our steel garage doors are guaranteed to at least ten years because they are so durable and functional. They offer superb value for money and are just as easy to keep clean as GRP garage doors, so they are definitely something to consider if you plan to be at your current home for a decade or longer.

Here at Conwy Valley Windows, our ultimate goal is to be widely known as the home improvement company that cares about its customers. We want to be recognised as thought-leaders and innovators within our field, and believe that the best way to do this is by continuously improving on what we do.

If you would like to find out more about our garage doors and how we can provide you with one which looks and performs superbly, give us a call today or drop us an email!


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