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Conwy Valley Windows and Conservatories Ltd provide services for the supply and build of a variety of Garden Sheds, Log Cabins, Playhouses and other Garden Buildings.

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Here at Conwy Valley, we don’t just sell garden sheds. We also have a fantastic range of summerhouses and playhouses to keep you occupied during the warmer months. Whether young or young at heart, Conwy Valley have the ideal solution to enable you to enjoy the great outdoors from the comfort of your home. Even if it’s pouring with rain, you’ll still be able to find a quiet space just for you.

If you would like to learn more about our products, here is a summary of our services and the various sheds we have on offer.

Sheds & Workshops

Good quality garden sheds and workshops in a large variety of shapes and styles.
All of our buildings are constructed with ‘tongue and groove’ or ‘traditional ship-lap timber’, and offer excellent value for money.

Summer Houses

Dreaming of that summer house for relaxing in?  We have a wide range of summerhouses and cabins to suit every garden, and every pocket!!  These are the perfect place to sit and enjoy your garden.


Children’s playhouses in a wide range of styles and sizes. Choice of open-plan ‘bungalow’ design, or ‘house’ style with rooms and stairs leading to upper bunk. A wonderful gift for birthdays or Christmas that give years of fun!

Speciality Buildings

Purpose-built buildings and structures for schools and other organisations.. Timber garages and gym houses.. Specially designed Chicken houses.. Combination greenhouse/sheds.. These are just a few of the speciality buildings that we manufacture.

Dog Kennels

Apex and Pent roof style dog kennels and animal houses to buy online in a range of sizes… These well-made buildings are ideal outdoor homes for ‘man’s best friend’!!

Tanalised Buildings

Tanalised timber garden sheds and buildings to buy online… This superb range of quality buildings are all manufactured with pressure-treated timber for longer life.

Show Site

Pop down to our garden building display centre, where you will see a selection of buildings and staff can provide you with details of all the latest products.

It’s well established that people in Britain love their gardens, no matter how big or small. Gardens are a wonderful space to enjoy some time to yourself and appreciate the sunshine. With such great recent summers, it’s becoming imperative than ever that people have access to outdoor storage facilities. A garden shed is a fantastic way to store your tools and create a space which can house your precious bikes and sports equipment. Sheds are also a good excuse to create a space just for you. It’s separate from the busy home and is the perfect tool to organise your possessions.

However, at Conwy Valley, we don’t just sell garden sheds. We also have a fantastic range of summerhouses and playhouses to keep you occupied during the warmer months. Whether young or young at heart, Conwy Valley have the ideal solution to enable you to enjoy the great outdoors from the comfort of your home. Even if it’s pouring with rain, you’ll still be able to find a quiet space just for you.

Uses of the Garden Shed

The concept of the shed has been around for hundreds of years. In fact, the term ‘shed’ can be traced back to Anglo-Saxon times as shadde or shedde. It can be translated as ‘cover’ and was often used to describe the construction which was used to protect livestock. These days, the humble shed is best used to store everyday items and sports equipment. However, it doesn’t always have to be unoriginal. At Conwy Valley, we design and provide some of the most unique garden sheds available on the market. We use a range of materials and colours to ensure that each design is as unique as you.

Here is a small selection of the various ways to utilise an outdoor shed:

A Greenhouse

A greenhouse doesn’t have to be a glass structure in order to protect plants from the cold elements. A wooden shed with a transparent roof will let the sun in and still keep your plants warm. Wood is a fantastic insulator; allowing you to create an environment perfect for your exotic flowers. All you need to do is organise a layout which suits you best.

A Storage Unit

A shed doesn’t just need to be used to keep your tools safe and dry. They are ideal for housing larger objects, like running machines, and can be optimised to keep moisture at bay. Many people are put-off by keeping their precious belongings in the shed due to fear about damage and dampness. However, at Conwy Valley, all of our garden sheds have been designed to the highest quality. You can rest assured that your equipment will be safe in our sheds.

A Guest room

Don’t worry; we aren’t suggesting that you ask your guests to sleep alongside your hammers and drills. Many outdoor constructions are designed specifically now to be an extension of the main home. They can include plumbing, electrics, and can even be somewhat spacious. It depends entirely on the space you have available and what look you desire.

A Playhouse

When we were young, everyone dreamed of having their own secret house all to themselves. At Conwy Valley, we sell several different types of summerhouses which can be used for children to play in. We can paint the structure in a variety of colours; helping you to create a bespoke outdoor building specific to you. If you’re lucky, the children might give you a helping hand too.

A Space to Relax

Summerhouses are a wonderful way to enjoy the beauty of your garden without actually sitting outside. In Britain, you might be lucky if you have a few weeks of the year where you can recline in the garden. For this reason, many people choose to invest in a summerhouse to get the best of both worlds. You can design a space to sit and enjoy your breakfast; or maybe a quiet place to curl up and read a good book.

An Office

You might be sceptical about this one, but please bear with us. Summerhouses can be equipped with all of the modern amenities (like plumbing and electricity) that you would expect from a regular home. So, by extension, you could also use your outdoor building as an office. It’s the perfect way to create a peaceful environment for you to complete your work. Furthermore, if you work from home, it might be the most practical solution to finding a room which is conveniently detached from the house.

Varieties of Sheds and Summerhouses

At Conwy Valley, we provide a variety of sheds and summerhouses which can be used for an endless amount of purposes. Here is our brochure which details some of the products which we offer.

Here are some of our most popular shed options:

The Hobby Shed

This robust and versatile structure is ideal for storing tools. It’s over 7ft; making it perfect for installing shelving and storage solutions from the ceiling. It also has an Apex roof which will help prevent water from weighing down on the roof.

The Potting Shed

Many of our clients want an outdoor space where they can store their growing plants. This Potting Shed comes in two designs; the Apex and Pent. Measuring at only 6″ x 6″, it doesn’t take up much room and can be installed in the majority of gardens. The Potting Shed is an absolute-must for avid gardeners.

The Dog Run Pen

For a variety of reasons, it’s sometimes practical for a pet dog to sleep outside. In order to make sure your beloved pet is as comfortable as possible, the Dog Run Pent is an ideal solution. It contains a warm, dark area for the dog to sleep in. The Pent also contains a separate area for the dog to move around and enjoy the fresh air. Our kennel comes with mesh panel and separate kennel doors to ensure that your pet is entirely safe.

The Playhouse

The Playhouse is a beautiful option for young girls and boys who love being outside. Measuring at 6″ x 6″, it’s small enough to feel cosy but big enough that the adults can still get inside. The Playhouse can also be painted and designed according to your specifications. This really is a dream come true for little ones.

Log Cabins

If you require an outdoor space to accommodate guests, then we have a wide range of bespoke log cabins from you to choose from. These cabins come equipped with interlocking timber walls, double glazing, and bitumen roof shingles. This means that your log cabin will be incredibly insecure and water-tight. Some of our comprehensive services also include base work, insulation, paintwork, electrics, and plumbing.

In addition to selling these sheds, Conwy Valley also provide a bespoke design service for our customers. This will give you the opportunity to work in-conjunction with us and create the ideal shed for you. Additionally, we can also help to design tree-houses and outdoor chalets. We help to absorb the stress often associated with designing and building your own outdoor structures.

What are Conwy Valley’s sheds made from?

We only use the best quality materials and equipment when designing our sheds and summerhouses. Our products are durable and are intended to brave the British weather, so you don’t need to worry about them wearing down.

The most common material we use to construct our sheds is tanalised timber. It’s different from other woods in that it has undergone pressure treatment. The combination of air pressure and chemicals helps to protect the wood from fungi and rot. Additionally, it’s also a major deterrent against insects which may wish to enter your shed. We use this because it’s incredibly strong and comes in a neutral colour. Many of our customers will stain and paint their shed, and tanalised timber is perfect for customisation.

As an extra option, Conwy Valley can use reinforced safety glass on our sheds. This serves the double-function of protecting your shed from the weather elements; while also keeping your belongings safe from criminals. Toughened safety glass is created as a result of an intense thermal reaction. Heat is applied to regular glass which creates internal stress within the sheet. So, if the glass does ever break, it won’t fracture into large, dangerous shards. The glass will be much more granular and less likely to injure someone.

Conwy Valley Services

At Conwy Valley, we like to be actively involved in our customers’ shopping experience; from purchase to installation. If you visit us at our show site, then we will be happy to advise you about the different products we have on offer. Furthermore, if you require a bespoke design, then our team are more than happy to develop a proposal which suits your needs. We love getting creative and designing outdoor constructions which make people’s lives that bit more enjoyable.

In addition to designing bespoke log cabins and summerhouses, we also offer a variety of comprehensive services included as standard. We take the responsibility to ensure that all the electrics and plumbing are completed to the highest quality. If you should require it, we’ll also paint your outdoor constructions according to your tastes.

If you have a different idea in mind for your shed (and it’s not detailed in the brochure), then please get in touch with one our friendly members of staff.

After your purchase, our team of expert installers will help set up your new shed and make it safe and secure. We take pride in giving our customers an unparalleled level of personal service. That’s why we go the extra mile to make sure everything is executed to your liking.

Conwy Valley Sheds: a summary

There’s no reason why your shed has to be boring and mundane. At Conwy Valley, we create a range of designs which help to make your home more enjoyable. A summer house, or garden shed, can be the perfect excuse to create a space specially for you. There is an almost limitless number of purposes that an outdoor structure can serve. This can include a storage unit, a potting shed, or even a lovely getaway to relax and appreciate the outdoors.

Unlike other companies, Conwy Valley have an extensive and comprehensive bespoke service option. This is a great opportunity for people to design the garden building of their dreams. We’ll be with you every step of the way. Our team of qualified architects will draw-up a plan according to your personal needs. Once you’ve confirmed your design, we’ll even help install the structure. Conwy Valley’s installation team will even paint your garden shed if you wish. We love going to extra mile to ensure that our customer’s are always 100% satisfied.

All of our sheds are made from the highest quality materials and technology. We use tanalised timber because it’s strong and durable. It’s also wonderfully versatile, allowing our customers to decorate their garden shed however they see fit. Furthermore, Conwy Valley can also install double glazing onto your outdoor structure. This will help to keep it safe, secure, and weather-proof.

If you are interested in purchasing a garden shed, or maybe learning more about our summerhouse options, then please contact Conwy Valley today.

You can also view our online brochures for garden buildings and log cabins now.

Call our sales team on: 01492 550 120

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