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We are very excited to tell you that at Conwy Valley Windows, we can now provide our customers with log cabins of a supreme and jaw-dropping quality. For a long time now we have been specialists in the design and installation of conservatories, but now we have expanded our services to include the creation of bespoke log cabins.

We believe that although a log cabin is similar to a conservatory – in the sense that it provides you with an extra relaxation space – that you don’t necessarily need to have one or the other. There is no reason why a home can’t have both – the beauty of the log cabin is that it is totally separate to the rest of your house, and because of this, it is a totally unique and imaginative addition.

When we say we make log cabins, we really mean it – all of ours are made with high quality timber which is approved by the Forest Stewardship Council. It is extremely important to us that we source the best and most morally sound materials, because we believe that this is what our customers deserve for choosing Conwy Valley Windows.

We want the log cabins we provide to our customers to act as spaces which perfectly suit their home and their needs. We are more than happy (in fact we prefer) to make your cabin to your exact requirements, as the more say you have in the design of it, the more you’ll be able to enjoy it when the job’s completed.

Construction and installation

The installation of a log cabin is not as simple as many people think; indeed, it’s not just a case of dropping it onto your garden. We prepare the site it will be placed on by laying a reinforced concrete base, in order to ensure that the log cabin remains level and raised above the ground.

Doors and windows

As you may have already noticed, we do nothing by half measures here at Conwy Valley Windows. As a large chunk of our work involves the installation of windows and doors, we apply these skills to our bespoke log cabins too. Any windows (including the one on your cabin’s door, should you decide to implement one in the design) will be double glazed with chrome fittings. The doors also feature chrome fittings and a mortice lock, in order to maximise the security.

The double glazing we use is always at least 14mm thick, because we feel that it is important that we fit our log cabins with windows of a high standard. This double glazing means that you will enjoy a much more peaceful time whenever you’re in your cabin, not to mention the fact that you’ll also enjoy a lot more warmth. If you do choose to have a heating system fitted into the cabin, you’ll really appreciate the double glazing as it’ll have a fantastic influence over the energy efficiency of it.

Exterior decoration

Once the base has been laid and the cabin has been constructed, we will paint or treat the finished structure for you however you want. Many of our customers choose to keep the gorgeous wood effect visible and simply have it treated, whilst others will opt for the painting service. We do enjoy painting log cabins as they can add a great deal of character, and we carry out every job with complete artistic accuracy.

How you can enjoy your log cabin

Contrary to popular belief, a log cabin is not “just a fancy shed.” It can absolutely transform your garden from a neither-here-nor-there space into one which you thoroughly enjoy throughout the year. The log cabin will be the centrepiece of your garden (even though it probably won’t be physically in the centre!) and will be something you will be glad you invested in. There are so many things you can do with a log cabin, and it can several purposes at once if you use your imagination!

A reading room

It could be said that many of us don’t get as much reading done as we would like to – or moreover, as much reading as we should do. Reading stimulates the mind and allows us to either learn something (no-fiction) or enjoy some wonderful escapism (fiction). However, many of our home environments simply won’t allow us to get much reading done; there are too many distractions – such as television, the internet, music and various other noises! However, a log cabin would provide the perfect solution: it’s completely detached from the rest of the home itself, and has minimal audial and visual distractions.

We like to read outdoors in the summer or whenever we get an especially nice day, but this doesn’t happen too often. However, a log cabin would allow you to experience the best of both worlds – you’ll be out in the garden, in a sense, whilst also actually being indoors. A log cabin is a substantial structure – it’s not something which would blow over in a strong wind and would provide you with great shelter at all times.

If you put a couch, a few chairs and a few blankets in, you may just find that you’ve figured out how to create your dream reading space. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you could even insert a bookcase or a shelf, so that you truly do dedicate the cabin to your hobby.

A home office

Due to the tranquility of a log cabin, it could quite easily make the ideal home office area. As you can have electricity, plumbing and heating fitted, there is absolutely no reason why you couldn’t dedicate it to the purpose of being your working space.

More and more people are working from home (at least some of the time) these days, which is a great perk of 21st century living. However, some of us find that we’re not quite as productive as we should be when we work from our living room. There are too many distractions, and the home environment is one we associate exclusively with downtime and rest. However, as a log cabin is completely separate from the rest of the home, it makes an ideal working space for pretty much anybody.

It’s important that we all are able to distinguish between our home lives and our work lives. Though working from home is much more convenient for many people, they can begin to resent their home because they also associate it with work; if you spend all day in your living room, and then all evening there too, you could start to develop a feeling of – for want of a better phrase – cabin fever. For those working from home, the way to shake cabin fever, ironically enough, could be to invest in a log cabin! By doing so you will have two separate areas – your home which remains your home, and your cabin which serves exclusively as your office.

Here at Conwy Valley Windows we think that a log cabin would make a much better home office than the box room, for a number of reasons. Firstly, the former is much larger than the latter, and will be an uncramped space. Secondly, the cabin is of course detached from the house and would serve as a better working space because it contains less distractions and is dedicated entirely to helping you make your living.

For those who don’t work at home, on the other hand, you could use your log cabin for much more leisurely pursuits, such as…

A TV room

Given the fact that you can have electrics and other such utilities installed in your dream log cabin, there’s no reason you can’t choose to use it as a TV room. This would be an especially great idea for large families who are often divided when it comes to what to watch! A log cabin will make those arguments a thing of the past – you can simply retreat to it and watch whatever you like.

It’s important that we all have areas in our homes which allow us to enjoy some much needed solitude every now and then – many of us find it really cathartic. A log cabin will provide you with a cosy space in which you can simply switch off your mind, switch on the TV, and relax.

A home cinema

We all know that the best way to watch a film is to watch it big. Your log cabin home cinema doesn’t have to be anything fancy – you don’t need an elaborate seating setup or anything like that. All you need is a projector, a screen and a comfortable couch or a few armchairs, and you’ve got your minimalistic – yet extremely proficient – home cinema. It would also be great for watching sports, as you could invite a few family members and/or friends round and have your very own little event.

A storage space

Of course, there’d be no point in investing in a log cabin to then use it just for storing household junk and paraphernalia. However, given that these substantial structures are a lot larger than a shed, you could have it double up as both a storage space and a relaxation area of some description.

A guest room

This would be a great option for any household which has a large extended family, or if you frequently entertains guests. If your log cabin is on the more deluxe side, one use of it may be a guest room for when you have people staying over. If you have electricity, plumbing and heating fitted, there’s absolutely no reason why not – it’s not as though you’re putting them in a shed, after all!

A log cabin which serves as a guest room will have a distinctively Scandinavian feel – if you do it right – and will be a really nice touch from you as the host. You never know, you may even find that you want to sleep in there yourself from time to time!

A play area

A family with small children could utilise their log cabin as a playhouse for the kids. This will allow them to have their own space, which is very important, and you can also make them look really magical if you put your mind to it. With a little bit of imagination, you could have your log cabin looking like something right out of a fairytale. Given that log cabins are such a blank canvas, you can even decorate it differently once the kids get a little bit older, and use it for another purpose.

Why you should choose Conwy Valley Windows for your log cabin

Here at Conwy Valley Windows, we are always totally focused on the wants and the needs of our customers. When we take on any log cabin job, we make sure that we ascertain exactly what each customer wants and they we go and do it. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with a log cabin which you’ll use for years and that you’re completely satisfied with.

We think that a log cabin is a really great way of adding a whole lot of personality to not only your garden, but your home as a whole. They can be whatever you want them to be – a study area, an entertainment area, a hideaway, or a child’s play area. They’re so versatile that you can even change their purpose as often as you like – they’re a totally blank canvas.

If you’d like any more information about our log cabins, how they’re made or how they’re installed, please get in touch with us today. We’re very excited about this part of our business, as it allows us to get creative and collaborative with the customer like never before. Give us a call on 01492 550 120, or alternatively email us at – we’ll be happy to help!

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