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Glass Reinforced Polyester Garage doors, also known as GRP, are one of our most stylish and popular garage doors that we sell at Conwy Valley Windows. If you’re looking for a stylish, low maintenance hassle free garage door, then GRP doors may be the choice for you.

With over 100 years of collective experience in the home improvement industry, we pride ourselves on knowing nearly everything there is to know about windows and garage doors, and we want to share our wealth of experience and knowledge with you. By knowing more about all the garage doors that are available, you have a better idea of what you want.

What are GRP garage doors?

Glass Reinforced Polyester garage doors are a type of garage door that are made of fibreglass, making them both light and strong. The most popular materials used in garages are steel, aluminium, timber, PVC and GRP. Frequently GRP is the choice that wins out due to its versatility, low maintenance and strength.

Fibre glass itself is a little understood but incredibly strong material, made by the application of glass fibres to a polyester resin. The result is a material that is flame retardant, waterproof and seven times the flexing strength of steel, making it a perfect material for garage doors. As well as this, it is cheaper than many wooden doors, and is one of the most popular garage door materials.

GRP is an excellent choice for those looking for a secure garage door that is easy to keep and affordable. It provides you with a sturdy locked door entrance to your garage, perfect for storing tools and cars, whilst being cheaper than other garage door types. Whilst timber requires the application of oil to withstand the elements, GRP can have a number of wooden pattern styles applied to it but only needs the occasional wipe down with a cloth.

GRP doors can come in a number of colours and styles, being available in a range of block colours ranging from the traditional white to more adventurous choices for those wanting a more striking garage. Also available is the previously mentioned wooden style of garage door, which comes in a number of shades and grain to offer the elegance and appearance of a timber door with that same strength and less upkeep.

When looking for a GRP garage door, you want to make sure that you buy a sturdy and well made door. A good GRP door will last a lifetime, being able to stand the toughest weather conditions and day to day wear and tear, however, if you opt for a cheaper door that may appear to save you money now, it may end up costing more in the long run.

A Glass reinforced polyester door is most likely going to be cheaper because they use less material, meaning it may not last the test of time. At Conwy Valley, we only use suppliers that we know and trust, so you can be safe knowing that we’ll give you the highest quality doors for the best price possible.

What types of GRP garage doors are there?

GRP garage doors can come in various different types, but most commonly are either up-and-over or hinged. If you’re you’re looking for a sectional or retractable door, then you’ll be better looking at other types of garage door, as part of the production method requires GRP to be made as a solid structure.

Having said this, it’s always a possibility to add a motor to your GRP door to offer you the convenience of an automatic or remote controlled garage door that is easy to maintain whilst being sturdy. For the time being, we’ll focus on the two aforementioned types of garage door. One of the joys of a GRP door is its ease of use and quality, and these two types are the easiest and most straightforward to use.


Up and over is referred to as this because that’s exactly where the garage door goes when you enter the garage. Following a track and possibly a spring mechanism, you push the garage door up and above upon opening.

This is a very space efficient method of garage door placement, by having it stored on the ceiling it clears up space on the driveway in front of the garage and also around the walls of the space, so that you can store your car and potentially other items you may want outside of the house.

Another advantage of up-and-over garage doors is how low risk they are. Often sectional garage doors can get jammed, this is especially true of those which roll up, whereas this problem won’t happen with a solid door. By virtue of being a single piece of reinforced polyester it can add a level of sophistication to your house (even copying the style of your front door) and are accident free.

Hinged Doors

Alongside up-and-over doors, hinged doors are the classic design for a garage entrance, simply acting as a large set of doors would. They have a quaint charm to them and offer a secure and timeless design that couples with GRP doors versatility make it perfect for houses with a large drive way.

Hinged doors are easy to use, you just unlock and open them. Normally with a divide down the middle, or with a smaller doorway and larger entrance for vehicles to come in through. Hinged doors are even simpler in design that up-and-over doors, meaning that you can further reduce the chance of technical issues from a spring or track system as the only thing that could go wrong are the hinges.

Garage doors on hinges are low cost and very easy to fix should anything go wrong. The only thing you could possibly need to replace with a GRP hinged garage door is the hinges, which you can purchase from all good home improvement and hardware stores at a low cost. With a great look and simply design, hinged doors are perfect for those wanting a low cost, low maintenance option.

Advantages of GRP Garage Doors

As you can probably tell, there are a number of advantages making themselves apparent by choosing GRP garage doors; they’re great value for money, long lasting and can offer a variety of different styles to match any other garage door material.

If you’re considering getting a solid garage door and don’t want to worry about the frequent and expensive servicing of timber garage doors then GRPs are your best choice.

Glass reinforced polyester doors are also easy to install, meaning that you won’t have to worry about organising large parts of your working day in order have them fitted. Due to the simple door types the work is straightforward and simple to carry out by our fully trained staff who will be happy to do so.

We have found GRP doors to be some of the best enduring of the doors we sell, as the only care you will need to afford for them is the occasional wiping down with a cloth when they get dirty, although even this is not essential, as the waterproof properties will see heavy rainfall wash off most accumulated dirt to the garage front.

Available door styles

As you can see from the above picture, there is a wide range of doors on offer, ranging from a classic white garage door style to styles mimicking timber of varying different grain. Another versatile feature to your GRP garage door is the addition of windows, allowing natural light to enter the garage space and also giving an even more classic and elegant appearance to your garage front.

All of the styles above come in a range of colours too – so if there’s a panel style you like but want a different colour, get in touch and see what we can offer. Due to the great utility of GRP you can choose all manner of colour and wood grain to apply to your garage door to give a unique look to your garage.

GRP Garage Doors from Conwy Valley Windows

Glass Reinforced Polyester garage doors are a great option for those looking for a great value, low maintenance garage door that will last a long time. With such a variety of options this is the perfect choice for those wanting to install a garage door and then not have to worry about constant upkeep and replacement. GRP doors provide the great appearance of timber and coloured panel doors without as high a cost.

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