Coloured Window Frames

Coloured Window Frames

Coloured window frames are becoming increasingly popular throughout the UK, as more homeowners are choosing to make the switch from the standard choice of white PVCu window frames, which of course the most popular colour for PVCu window frames. This is not to say that there’s anything wrong with white window frames – they’re a good, clean, neutral colour – however, we find that many of our customers seek window frames with a bit more colour in them.

As always, here at Conwy Valley we are determined to provide our customer base with anything they require, and we have found that there has been an increase in the demand for coloured window frames. For this reason, we have gone to great lengths to source the finest coloured window frames out there, and we proudly offer these to all of our customers.

We can install any colour of window frames you might want – it’s absolutely no problem at all. Providing a range of options is what we’re all about here at Conwy Valley, and this is never going to change. Whatever coloured window frames you might want, we will do our very best to provide – just get in touch and ask us what we can do!

Having coloured window frames installed can bring a lot of character to your home, so have a good read of the advantages below and see what you think. These include:

Wide Range of Colours

A wide range of colours

Imagine a rainbow, if you will. This is pretty much what our colour range for window frames looks like. We sell a lot of white PVCu window frames, of course, as they are the option for people who want something neutral, and perhaps the option for people who want to sell their house (as you’re probably aware, they say the more neutral, the better).

However, if you plan to stay put in your home for quite some time to come, looking into getting coloured window frames installed could be a fantastic way for your to personalise your home and at the same time add a great deal of character to it. One of the great things about owning a home is the fact that it’s all yours and you can do what you want with it aesthetically, but many people refrain from adding their own personal touches. We fully encourage our customers to be more adventurous with their colour choices if they express an interest to us, and we will always work with you to offer our own opinions on colours. We have a wealth of experience in providing the people of north Wales with coloured window frames, and so we like to think we know exactly what works and what doesn’t now.

The colours you choose will of course be largely dependant on the sort of house you own and the rest of the colour which have been incorporated. We can match the colours of your window frames to the colours of your fascias and soffits – this is absolutely no problem at all. We can also work with you to create a striking contrast effect between two different colours on the exterior of your home as well – we’ll always be honest with our advice and will never advise you disingenuously just to get a sale. We want our customers to be completely happy with the colour of their window frames – not just for the honeymoon period after they’ve been installed, but for many years to come.

Thermal Efficiency

An increased level of thermal efficiency

All of our window frames here at Conwy Valley are constructed to extremely high and uncompromising standards. We will only ever provide our customers with window frames which meet our expectations. The modern window frame must not only look great and hold the window properly in place, but it must also be as thermally efficient as it can possibly be.

You spend a lot of money on your heating throughout the year – especially during the colder months – and we believe that every penny should go a long way and not go to waste whatsoever. Many older window frames – particularly single glazed ones – are not up to scratch when it comes to thermal efficiency; poorly constructed window frames, or ones which have simply had their day, hemorrhage heat – there is no denying this. Conwy Valley window frames, on the other hand, are amazingly well-constructed and will stand the test of time – of that you can be sure.

Window Aesthetics

A striking aesthetic

Coloured window frames are one way in which you can make your home stand out. We all want our homes to look great both inside and out, and adding some colour to the exterior is a tried and tested way to make this happen. We paint our fascias, soffits, doors (or get coloured doors installed, of course), so why not add some colour to the window frames too?

Especially if you’re selling your home, coloured window frames could be a feature which will make your home stand out from the rest – which is one way to attract prospective buyers and get viewings. Of course, the more neutral and understated the colour, the better – but this doesn’t mean that you have to go with white; there are many colours which will maintain an understated look, but a striking one nonetheless.

Why choose Conwy Valley?

Here at Conwy Valley we like to offer our customers a great deal of choice across all of our services. Our coloured window frames are just one example of this, as you’ll find that the choices are vast; this is how we like it – the more choice we can offer our customers, the more likely we are to make them happy. This is exactly our aim: we want to satisfy as many customers as possible.

If you’d like to find out more about our coloured window frames and how we can help you make your home stand out from the rest, please give us a call today on 01492 550 120, or alternatively email us at

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