Coloured Glass

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Using coloured glass windows is a beautiful way of creating atmosphere and vibrancy in your home or business.

A coloured glass window from Conwy Valley Windows in Llandudno is a good way to create a focal point in your room, not to mention looking just as good from the outside.

But there are other advantages to coloured glass apart from just looks!

Here are just a few of them:

increased privacy

Increased Privacy

Because coloured glass is translucent, it allows light into the room whilst allowing you to maintain a sense of privacy. Many people are put off by coloured glass because they think that it will prevent light entering the room, causing it to become dark and dingy. This is definitely not the case!

Coming in all manner of shades, lighter coloured glass can be used, which will still allow enough sunlight through to brighten up your room.

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Coloured glass comes in a wide variety of styles and colours. From cathedral style with vivid colours, to more modern streaked styles, coloured glass can be used to create any type of design imaginable.



If your house is on the market to be sold, any features which make it stand out are a massive advantage. A high quality coloured glass window is a long lasting feature that will continue to give the property character for many years to come.

If your home already has coloured windows, then the odds are they are single glazed. This can have serious implications for your heating bill, as it will be causing your home to lose heat.

We can preserve your original coloured glass window, by placing it in between the two panes of double glazing, effectively making it triple glazed.

Whether you are designing a new build, or refurbishing an older property, we can offer you many solutions for incorporating coloured glass into your windows.

Conwy Valley are experts when it comes to installing coloured windows and frames. Our experts are on hand to advise you about which options will work best for your property. They will be able to help you with any questions you may have.

If you would like to know more about the service we provide then do not hesitate to contact us today and take the first step towards having a beautiful coloured glass window installed in your property. Our callback service makes getting a quote from Conwy Valley a simple process.

Conwy Valley coloured glass windows can be sourced in Bangor, Bodelwyddan, Colwyn Bay, Conwy, Denbigh, Garreg and Ruthin.

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